ArterNet Art - here are a few of our Fabulous 'Founding ArterNet Art Member's'

ArterNet Art - 

Today we're highlighting and featuring a few of our Fabulous 'Founding ArterNet Art Member's' our FAM's!
These gusty artists have taken a leap of faith and have joined up with Arternet Art.

We are still such a fledgling online art gallery, though we are starting to gain traction now, but they have shown us the courage it takes to follow their heart and instincts.

We are a brand spanking new Online Art Gallery and it's not easy being the first on the dance floor, so to speak.
I want to congratulate the following artists who have done just that and have boldly put themselves out there and have become our first 'Founding ArterNet Art Member's.

Art By Ruth Welch

Art By Paul Stowe

Art By Maria - Belen Smith

You can find out more about our FAM artists 
going to our website and clicking on their link. 

Art By Maria -Belen Smith

Art By Ramari Tauroa-Tibble

Also check out our 'World Famous on ArterNet Art' series on our blog.
Reading their stories helps us with our own daily challenges - to know others have had their trials and have succeeded, is very uplifting. 
The culture of our company - ArterNet Art - is to put a human face to all our members and guest artists.

Our blog series 'World Famous on ArterNet Art' is devoted to exclusive, in-depth interviews with brilliant, professional artists of the day. It is 
tailored with the new, emerging and working artists in mind.
Motivation for this series is to provide rare and valuable insights for all working artists:
• to discover innovative sales ideas and tips - which can easily be incorporated into an artists daily work practice.
• to show simple and proven methods of navigating your way through the intricacies of social media and online art sales.
• From past experience, we understand how new and working artists crave to gain knowledge and learn new insights that will help them in their marketing and online art sales.

And lastly:
I was thinking about how we are governed, to a certain extent, by our habits!
For myself, I can't believe how much difference my secret weapon my 
'Daily Method of Operation' my DMO - has helped me get a grip on my slack habits of yesteryear.
I always knew that to reach your goals or targets, you needed to chip away at incremental bits each day to get there.
Not do a little bit today, and maybe bits here and there, or when you FELT like it. But each day!
After diligently keeping track each day with my personal DMO - these little things are so ingrained into my daily practice, that I FEEL there's something missing if I don't start the day by doing these simple little tasks.

It's nothing flash, this DMO of mine, quite the opposite in fact, but it does the job. When you become a FAM member you are given this DMO E-Book as a bonus and explains how to setup your own personal DMO.

As ArterNet Art progresses to stage three, we'll be rolling out a number of easy organisational E-Books on how you can turn your art practice into a thriving online business.
Our L.E.A.P. E-book will look at the four layers that make up the way you sell art online and how you can incorporate that into your art business/practice.
As an added bonus, you'll receive our 
'Art Marketing Magic'

Did you know that for around a dollar per day - 

you can have your OWN online art gallery - 

where you won't pay any commission on your art sales!

Become a member of ANA today!


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