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Brian Rutenberg


'My Blanket of Shadows' 48" x 58" Brian Rutenberg T here is an old-world courtesy that surrounds New York artist  Brian Rutenberg,   that I find very appealing and it is an absolute privilege to have him here with us today  on  'World Famous on ArterNet Art'. Widely considered to be one of the finest American painters of his generation, Brian Rutenberg has spent forty years honing a distinctive method of compressing the rich color and form of his native coastal South Carolina, into complex landscape paintings that imbue material reality with a deep sense of place. ArterNet Art:   Hi Brian, it's a pleasure to have you here with us today. T hanks so much for your time, as I know you have a heavy schedule. As artists, for some reason, we love these rare insights into other artists lives. Reading their stories helps us with our own daily challenges - to know others have had their trials and  succeeded, is very uplifting. The culture of our company h ere at Art

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