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Brian Rutenberg


'My Blanket of Shadows' 48" x 58" Brian Rutenberg T here is an old-world courtesy that surrounds New York artist, Brian Rutenberg, that I find very appealing, and many could do well to  emulate his work ethics and his life philosophies.  Widely considered to be one of the finest American painters of his generation, Brian Rutenberg has spent forty years honing a distinctive method of compressing the rich color and form of his native coastal South Carolina, into complex landscape paintings that imbue material reality with a deep sense of place. ArterNet Art:   Hi Brian, from viewing many of your You Tube videos, I know the busy schedule you have, so I was not only surprised, but over the moon that you agreed to our interview.  So, let's start by sharing with our readers an idea of your route to becoming an artist ?  Brian: My greatest fortune in life is that I was born and raised along the coast of South Carolina. Where I grew up, people didn’t ask how you were doi

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