Ruth Welch - Featured 'Founding ArterNet Art Member' FAM Artist


'Smile'   30 x 21cm......Amazing Art By Ruth Welch

Ruth Welch - Artist
‘Founding ArterNet Art Member’ - 'FAM'

An ArterNet Art Interview with Adelaide, Australian Artist Ruth Welch:

Ruth’s story is familiar to many of us. She was discouraged from pursuing her love of art, only to find it again years later!

I wonder if that happens as much today?

ArterNet Art: Ruth, What was your route to becoming an artist?

Ruth Welch:
 I always wanted to do art at school, but my mother would not let me. Then life and career got in the way, so I didn’t actually start doing art seriously until 10 years ago.

ArterNet Art: How has your life/upbringing influenced your work?

Ruth Welch: I don’t know whether this can be classed as an influence or not but my grandmother was an artist and most of her pieces were very realistic. I prefer my art to be photorealistic but I don’t know if that is her influence or merely an inherited personality trait.

ArterNet Art: Where does your inspiration come from mainly?

Ruth Welch: I spent my childhood in the Adelaide Hills and I gravitate towards Australian scenes. I also love doing portraits of animals.

ArterNet Art: What was it about the medium you've chosen that attracted you?

Ruth Welch: I use artist quality coloured pencils. I love how versatile they are but are also very transportable.

ArterNet Art:
How was your imagination captured?

Ruth Welch:
I attended a workshop and was immediately hooked.

ArterNet Art:
What or who were your early influences?

Ruth Welch:
I am fortunate to belong to an art class that is run by an amazingly talented lady who can use most mediums. She first introduced me to coloured pencils, but there are some very talented coloured pencil artists on Facebook and Instagram. Early on I joined an Australian Coloured Pencil Group on Facebook which was run by Karen Hull who is an exceptionally talented artist and is very generous with her time and encouragement.

ArterNet Art:
Tell us about a piece of your work that holds particularly fond memories and why?

Ruth Welch:
My daughter had an amazing dog which she got from the pound. She never seemed to have a good photo of him that I was able to draw so when she managed to get a good photo I drew it almost straight away. We were not to know then but he got sick not long after this and was not with us for much longer.

ArterNet Art:
How has your work developed since you began and how do you see it evolving in the future?

Ruth Welch:
With every piece I seem to learn something new. I like to try new techniques and different paper types.

ArterNet Art: What advice would you give to an aspiring new artist?

Ruth Welch: Enjoy the process and don’t be too hard on yourself. Collect as many tips and tricks as you can from others. Some will work for you and some won’t.

ArterNet Art: Is there anything in particular that inspires you to create art?

Ruth Welch:
Cute puppies and dogs 🐶

ArterNet Art: What is your creative process?

Ruth Welch: I don’t know if I can describe it! I choose my piece then my paper and colours and hope for the best🤞🤞

ArterNet Art:
What has been your favourite or most memorable art sale?

Ruth Welch
: My first sale!! It was very gratifying to realise that someone actually liked my art enough to buy it.

Ruth Welch:
My first flower. This one is on Art Spectrum sanded pastel paper and Faber Castell Polychromos. Reference from Unsplash

This was a challenge!!! My latest piece.

Prismacolor pencils on Bristol Vellum Paper

ArterNet Art: Thank you Ruth for taking the time for our interview. We wish you all the best for your success and future with us
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Ruth is our first 'Founding ArterNet Art Member'

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