Your Monday Art Note #24

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Hello There, Here is Your Monday Art Note #24

Think about a big, bold goal you want to achieve by the end of 2022.

I've long been a believer in imagining my end goal - working my way back and putting a plan of action in place - little steps - each day that advances my cause.
Presently, I have a number of different goals, so I've devised a 'Schedule of Works' which runs along side my 'DMO'.
It's relatively simple -

  • an A4 in landscape mode divided into 6 columns - Mon through to Sat morn (my office hours)
  • these are then divided into blocks of time, though mainly morning and afternoon.
  • I've scheduled my goals accordingly.
  • This is taped to my wall and each day I look at what I have to do today - and just do it.
These past couple of months since implementing this system, I can't believe the difference it has made to my well-being and productivity, especially in working on personal stuff eg, - a little book of Haiku poems, written during lock-downs. I wanted to set these poems into a small book, along with some of my artworks. 
It is now coming along nicely, as I dedicate a few hours one afternoon a week to this project.
Well, you get the picture. I'm sure you all have a project or three you want to start, but find it difficult to actually find the time.
Take Action:

Imagine 2022 has just finished and you have reached your goal.

Now mentally look back and ask yourself

What do I need to do each day to make this goal a reality?


That was a great response to our free e-book last week.
Thank-you to all those who gave me such valued feedback. It really means a lot to our small team. And, this e-Book is an example of my 'Schedule of Works' actually working!
By blocking in the allocated time - a few mornings a week over a couple of months - I managed to accomplish this!
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