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ArterNet Art - Online Art Gallery. 22nd Nov 2021

Hi , Here is Your Monday Art Note #25

We Are More than just an Online Art Gallery...
More than just an Online Art Gallery - What does that really mean??

By partnering with ANA - you will have access to our combined set of business skills. Includes myself, my husband and our partner, who is ANA's web engineer - he has had his own web building business and has been building state of the art (pun intended) websites since 1996. That's a combined business nouse or business savvy of around 100 years - give or take.
I believe that you only gain business nouse by spending your own hard-earned money in the business! 
This is such an important statement - I'm going to repeat it!

I believe that you only gain business nouse or business savvy, 
by spending your own hard-earned money in the business!

It's not enough to manage someone else's business or to be a business manager or even a bank manager!

I'm not saying that we know and understand everything about businesses at all.

But I think it takes some real life experiences from people like us, who have intuition - which comes from dealing with problems on a day-to-day basis, as well as being able to call upon plenty of knowledge when needed.
So with that said, I am giving you part one of our L.E.A.P. series:
L = Learn
E= Engage
A = Assist
P = Perception
Let's go through some of the many layers it takes to make your art sales, which I have learned from experience (below) and how to apply them to your art business...
My Story: Well Long Story Short!
My sales background originates initially from being a successful door to door sales person, selling encyclopaedias. Yes, you read it right! That was back in the day when we had beautiful sets of encyclopaedias and not Google! I loved them then and I love 'em still.
It was damned hard, it was tough and it was challenging, and sales only came if I built up a good relationship with my customers and if I could get my foot in the door!...just tricking)). It enabled me to buy my first car in Aussie and bring my family over from NZ for a holiday in Noosa.

Since then - a number of different businesses. Here's a sample:
· Manufacturing business - making sheepskin coats and exporting them around the world.
· Nursing home for the elderly
· A couple of takeaway food bars
· Restaurant
· B and B
· A gift shop, (the worst)!
· An Art Gallery in Italy (the best).
Plus renovating houses and the list goes on! Full of first time experiences, learning from mistakes (the best teacher), amazing highs, to the depths of despair.
Most businesses are a feast or a famine and the art industry is no different!

Over time I've dissected the sales process.
Formulated systems and procedures.
I've combined the two systems to form LEAP.
LEAP - remember most artists hate selling,
but love relationships and building friendships.
And really, that's just being your non-salesy self -
being friendly, kind and authentic.

L = learn: learn as much as you can about the buyer. If someone shows an interest in your work, turn the conversation around to them. Make it your job to find out as much as you can about them.
Initially you can ask two types of questions:
1. Learning questions; 'is it the art subject that interests you the most, why does it interest you? Is the piece for yourself or a gift?
2. Emotional Questions; where would you place the art in your home or office? Would this piece work in your collection?

Basically, you are finding out about their wants and needs so you can solve their problem, provide a solution. Hone in on points of interest during conversations - be a guide - be patient - be a listener.

Above all be authentic, even if it's an online sale.
Engagement here is key. Send a series of light emails of discovery with questions the client can provide you, so you can have a deeper connection - do not rush into selling.

Take Action:
Try this idea on one of your clients. Send them a friendly little email. Ask them 'how's things going? Have any of their friends commented on their art piece? What have they got planned for Christmas - how's their family and dog'
You get the gist....
Next week we'll look at "E = Engage"
And lastly :
Re our ArterNet Blog: We artists, love these rare insights into other artists lives. Reading their stories helps us with our own daily challenges - to know others have had their trials and have succeeded, is very uplifting.

The culture of our company here at ArterNet Art - ANA, is to put a human face to all our members and guest artists. Part of our approach is to give our artist members the opportunity to meet recognised artists - to learn more about how they became the well-known artist we see today.
This week it's our pleasure to introduce Featured Guest artist Jo Payne and Linda Lieffers on:
'World Famous on ArterNet Art'
and Linda Lieffers:

Do you have an exhibition or anything on the horizon that you want to shout about? Then email me and I will add it here to our Monday Art Note!


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