ArterNet Art - Here is Your Monday Art Note #20

Everyone discusses my art
and pretends to understand,
as if it were necessary to
understand, when it is simply
necessary to love.
Claude Monet

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Here is Your Monday Art Note #20

I struggled to come up with a topic for today’s Art Note!

So, I’ve decided struggles is today’s theme.
I’m going to address the struggles we have throughout our lives, particularly as working artists’ and a tip on how to advance through them.
First of all: we all have them at various times, even those perfect people you see on social media!
Most weeks I have numerous ideas for this weekly art note, and I have a large list I can call on, so why, today is it a problem?
If we knew the answer, then this wouldn’t be an issue. It can happen out of the blue, or when we have completed a project and about to embark on a new one. Or financial problems, especially due to Covid-19, or maybe a tragedy in the family…

You breeze into your studio all fired up, then nothing!

Look, I’m not going to go too deep, but I’m reminded of Claude Monet and how he dealt with a succession of tragedies and struggles throughout his lifetime.

He had financial problems, his beautiful wife died, he supported a large family, his eyesight faded due to cataracts, he had fights with town planners over his pond etc, and yet he was able to produce an enormous volume of work.

The answer lies in the word — ACTION!

Can it be as simple as that?

I believe it can.

Take action:
  • Lighten up!
  • Be kind to yourself. Close your eyes and give yourself a lovely big hug…yes really! Imagine yourself at the age of 4, pick her/him up and give yourself a great big hug.
  • Think of all the amazing things you’ve done since then.
  • Go into your studio, start by tidying the place, and see what happens.
Sometimes, in this day and age, we see so much art on Instagram, we want to try this style, we want to do another style…we see so much, we get confused and don’t know where to start. 
Which happens to artists A LOT!
For me, when my mind wanders, I’ve started a bucket-type list and have listed all the different styles of art I want to try over the next year or two (time permitting) (and my bucket list doesn’t contain jumping off bridges, or out of planes and even travel is off the list for a while), but it’s about giving myself permission to give each style a real go for a month. 
I’m now well into my first month and loving the feeling of knowing I’ll get to those other styles eventually, but right now I can go headlong into this one.

Do you realise what has happened???

Because I took my own advice and I took action, by just starting this note.

I’ve managed to poddle along and produce your Monday Art Note!

I hope you get a little bit out of it.

And lastly:


Here at ArterNet Art one of the things we want to do, apart from helping you with the business side of things, is to inspire you. That’s what our ArterNet blog series of

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We have a couple of ‘FAM’ Founding ArterNet Art — featured artists coming in the next couple of weeks.
Have you looked at our lovely website lately and viewed all the new artworks and new artists’.

Do any of you have exhibitions or anything on the horizon that you want to shout about? Then email me and I will add it here to our Monday Art Note!

Bye until next week.


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