Your Monday Art Note #17

Your Monday Art Note #17 

ART BY Vera Jochum

ArterNet Art - Online Art Gallery. 20th Sept 2021

As an artist, it's never too late to try something new.

If you have a hankering for making a different type of art, but your gallery doesn't like the idea, then maybe you need to cut loose and do your own thing!
Since 2020, it appears to most artists, the traditional gallery model, at times, doesn't fit the bill, as technology is now taking over the art world - big time!

Artists are now using the internet to sell their artwork, with many finding success in an era where global art markets have never been more accessible than they are right this very second!

The events of last year forced many galleries and artists alike into rethinking how we present our art; while there will always be need for physical presentations from time-to-time--most people prefer buying online these days, because mainly, it's often less expensive or quicker to deal directly with the artist.

And lastly

Here at ArterNet Art the elephant in the room is whether or not:
  • to pay a monthly subscription or
  • to pay commission on sales of your artwork.
We have researched this question and you can easily do your maths and will come to the same conclusion: that to start with a small monthly subscription of around one dollar a day - you'd only need to make one or two sales per year to be better off, than to pay a 30% to 50% commission.
You would need to have a small mind shift and think of it being your own art business and you'd need to allocate a few hours per week to running your art business. That in itself is really exciting!
Would love to know your thoughts on this issue. You can email me below.
Did you get a chance to read Brian Rutenberg's Guest Artist interview.
We've had some great feedback.
Our Featured Guest Artist this week on 
'World Famous on ArterNet Art' 
is Vera Jochum which you can read here:
Vera's Interview


Did you know that for around a dollar per day - 

you can have your OWN online art gallery - 

where you won't pay any commission on your art sales!

Become a member of ANA today!


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