Your Monday Art Note # 10 Negative self-talk is a real thing, and it could be holding you back from success.

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How can I turn off that negative voice in my head!

You know that negative voice in your head? 
It’s the one telling you to hold back because of what might happen if you fail. The same voice that tells you “you can’t do this right now, wait for another time when things are better.”
That’s not how we succeed at anything. We have to take risks to get ahead in life, but most people don't want to risk failure, so they end up doing nothing or settling for less than their dreams deserve.
For instance, if you’re thinking, “I can’t finish this painting”—surprise yourself and change your tone and your goal, now your goal is to finish the painting!
Do this by creating small, concrete steps to follow through i.e. “balance out the left side of the piece” or “add more texture.”
Then don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments!
When you finally realize how many times you’ve turned a roadblock into a success, your self-doubt and negativity will slip away.
Overcome the fear of failure by taking small steps towards success every day until eventually reaching your goals.
No more excuses!

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