The Monday Art Note #6 'Just Be'

ArterNet Art - Online Art Gallery. July 5th 2021

The Monday Art Note # 6
Recently, my friend came to dinner and finally, after looking intently at a piece of my artwork on the wall...She asked
"Just Be.... what? Have you forgotten to end the sentence?" She was referring to the words
'Just Be' that was imprinted on the piece. I stared at her blankly, thinking, well if I have to explain it, then you've missed the point!
But then it occurred to me, that in another lifetime, I may have asked the same question. Back in the day, I was so busy charging around, buying businesses, getting them up to speed. Buying houses, renovating houses, building houses. Hurtling through relationships and in between all this, dabbling in a bit of art, even throwing a few images on this new thing, the internet!
Then came the email that changed everything! Long story very short. A ridiculous email from Italy inviting me to exhibit at the 'Firenze Biennale'!
'Well, get outta my way, I'm off to Italy!' Sold the silly gift business I had at the time, packed my bags and all my art stuff, left a perfectly good husband (well, I went with his blessing) and headed to Italy.

For the next 10 years I hunkered down in Introdacqua, a medieval village just up the hill from the ancient city of Sulmona. Unbelievably beautiful!
It was in this environment I discovered stuff about being an artist that had nothing to do with art, but more about being on your own!
The solitude!
At first I hated it, then I learned to live with it, then I came to love it.

As I still do today. More to the point, I'd figured out how to 'Just Be'. If you have a restless spirt, that's OK, because one day you will find where you're suppose to be and for me, that is right here, right now, writing this to you and maybe you're where you're supposed to be - right now - reading this.

'The Canterbury Plains1' Just Be
Textile Art

Our House in Italy.
The art gallery and studio were an old wine cellar in another life.


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