One Tip For Overcoming a Shambolic Art Studio!

Thursday’s Art Marketing Magic # 4–22nd July 2021      
One Tip For Overcoming a Shambolic Art Studio!

Don’t let being disorganised lead to missed opportunities!

In order to be an organised, up to date artist, (you know the one, she lives in your head), it’s important to collect all the materials and information you need for your work and the data you need when uploading your artworks to your online page. The issue with this task arises, when one cannot find necessary items such as a specific paint brush or sheet of paper. If these tools can’t easily be found on hand, then they will likely get lost buried deep within some pile somewhere, which have most probably accumulated over time from working so hard! This means that missed opportunities may arise, because what was needed wasn’t at arm’s length.

It’s not just piles of work you need to get organised, it is also your information and work data. Organising and managing a shambolic (love that word) art inventory system, also leads to missed opportunities that can be costly for the artist who doesn’t have their head in the game.

In the back of your mind, you know you need to get organised — don’t lose that feeling!
Sure, odds are if you’ve been an artist for any significant amount of time, you have piles and piles of work. But what’s the use in just having it all sitting there? Get your life together with organisation by starting today using small steps.
Let’s say when you stop for a break, take 30 mins, yes, time yourself and start an inventory system.
My first attempt at becoming organised was to write down and number each piece of artwork. It was very basic, though I did go all out and buy a flash moleskin notebook to start my inventory and some tags to correspond to each piece of work:
‘P’ was for Project — then the number
Series: if it was a series.
Then the name of the piece
A description
The date — The size. (on the back of the tag)
Well, you get the gist. Yours will be different than mine.
My entries also included what inspired the piece.

Funnily enough, you wouldn’t believe the sense of pride I had when all my pieces were entered in my notebook and how precious that notebook has become over the years. But, these days there are numerous programmes to use to get you started, then when ArterNet Art — our website is in stage three, you’ll be able to transfer all your entries to have in one place.

Take Action:
How could becoming more organised affect
your art business and your home life?

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Warmest regards
Averil Noeline Stuart

Founder and CEO
ArterNet Art

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” — Thomas Merton


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