I had an Email from Peter- Here is my reply -

Hi Averil,
I am in need of an online selling base and am suspicious of most, so what makes you different?
This was my reply: (true story, though changed the name)

Dear Peter, how timely and what a good question!

I've been a business owner for most of my working life, then finally decided 30 years ago to scratch that itch and become an artist. Most of what I see out there on the internet are impersonal online art galleries, of which I've belonged to a few. Actually, belonged is the wrong term, as I found them most impersonal, run by hedge funds and corporations. Sort of a set and forget situation. You're not encouraged to think of it as your art business, or give tips on marketing etc.

We want to establish a partnership - part of that partnership is a business to business type relationship and the challenge here is for artists themselves to accept that in their own minds. So the idea is for the artist to have that mental shift about ArterNet Art i.e.

"I'm a professional artist in my studio and

I'm in partnership with ArterNet Art - online art gallery,

and together we're trying to achieve the same thing"

We're both in this to achieve the same goal. To thrive.

Our model is different from those already online. We have a monthly subscription fee, and will not be charging the artist a commission on their artwork when they sell a piece of art through our platform.

By offering a monthly subscription model, the artist can think about this as being monthly rental on their their own personal art gallery, where they can operate their own art business from.

From stage three launch to the public, our future plans include: VR art exhibitions where artists can invite family, friends and art collectors to their solo art exhibitions online.

  • How to go about marketing, 
  • how to make those neat video's, 
  • who to market to, 
  • how to tell your story. 
  • One of our big ideas (which I'm starting to work on now) is collaborations and partnerships with all sorts of arty type ventures from around the world, residencies, etc.
  • We are in the process of collaborating and interviewing professional, successful artists, who are out there now. We all want to know how did they get 70,000 followers?
In short, we want to build an online, global artists city, right here in NZ! Where everyone is included and the biggest one for me is building an encouraging community, where we all encourage each other and celebrate when one of our artists sells a piece of art.
It's very early days here at ArterNet Art, and stage two is all about our new membership drive, setting the culture, the standard, and the values.

I saw you had subscribed and being a NZ'er, looked you up. Love your work and your father's work.

We are working on a new home page with 2 options, instead of one. If you were thinking about registering you may want to wait and take a look at the new option that will be available.
I'll be announcing this on our Facebook page. You can join here:

Averil Noeline Stuart.

Founder and Creative Art Director
ArterNet Art


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