ArterNet Art — Monday Art Note: # 8

ArterNet Art — Online Art Gallery.

Announcing Our New Membership Drive….

Today’s Monday Art Note is all ABOUT US…ArterNet Art!
Yes, here at ArterNet Art, ANA, we have some very exciting news to announce.
We have listened to your feedback and have made some dramatic changes which you can read about on our revamped home page.
We now have two options:

· Option One: allows you to setup your art gallery/page without having to pay any money! It means you will forfeit becoming a ‘Founding ArterNet Art Member’ — but you will be on the starting blocks in readiness of Stage Three launch to our huge global online audience of art collectors, interior designers, social media and to your friends, family and fans. You won’t start paying your monthly subscription until we launch to the public in a few months time.

· Option Two:
pay it forward — pay one months subscription now.

· Automatically became an exclusive ‘Founding ArterNet Art Member’ A ‘FAM’

· 6 months FREE subscription from the Stage Three launch to the public.

· Your bonus E-Book ‘How to setup you Daily method of Operation’ your personal ‘DMO’

· Featured Artist Interview. Which will be on our Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media. See examples on our blog. Link is on our home page.

· A video of your artworks, which you can use in your marketing and on your own social media pages.

We are more than just an Online Art Gallery

A few reminders of why we’re different than most other galleries out there:

We're all about establishing a relationship between the artist and ANA Gallery that is a partnership — part of that partnership is a business to business relationship. The challenge here, is for artists themselves to accept that in their own minds i.e. artists can say
“I’m a professional artist in my studio 
and I’m in partnership with 
together we’re trying to achieve the same thing!"

The other part of the relationship is the P to P — the person to person relationship.

Our research has uncovered a trend that this next generation of artists has a strong interest in taking things into their own hands these days. They don’t just create and place their artwork online — they get out there and they’re running the ship as well.
Artists will have a role to play, as this is not a set and forget type of relationship. There is work to be done.

If you’re one of these types, then this might come as welcome news for you — ArterNet Art is building a platform where all artists can share ideas, collaborate, and succeed together and stage two of development is all about getting to know you.

Another point: Artists tend to love building relationships and friendships within their artist community — ANA community is at the top of our list.
If you want to grow your online Art Business in a friendly and profitable way, then our platform is the way forward.
Wait! There’s More: By offering a monthly subscription model, the artist can think of this as being monthly rental on their their own personal art gallery, where they can operate their own art business from. You will have everything at your fingertips in your own back office. All for around a dollar a day!

From stage three launch to the public, our future plans include: Virtual Reality art exhibitions where artists can invite family, friends and art collectors to their solo art exhibitions online.

How to go about marketing on social media,

How to make those neat video’s,

Who to market to,

How to tell your story.
Plus, more offerings will be introduced as we expand. We want you to feel at home here and it’s important for you to know we have got your best interests at the heart of the whole project.


And lastly: We are building an online Artists city.
Here’s what we won’t do:
We won’t charge a commission on your art sales made through our platform!
We won’t ask you to discount your artwork!
We won’t ask you to accept low offers!
We won’t ask you to ship your artwork for free!


Without further ado, head over to:


 Did you know that for around a dollar per day - 

you can have your OWN online art gallery - 

where you won't pay any commission on your art sales!

Become a member of ANA today!


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