Thursday's Art Marketing Magic # 2

Here Are 3 Art Marketing can implement right now!  

This is something completely unexpected by your customer.......
1...Amaze Your Customer With a Handwritten Note:

Artists have an uncanny ability to convey their feelings with words.
Handwritten letters may be one of the most personal ways
you can connect and thank your customers
who have purchased your art pieces in the past.
Many artists would not be able to create their beautiful
pieces of work without the support and
patronage from collectors. The next time you
have a new piece that has just been purchased,
do something special for your collector!
They will appreciate how much they mean to you by
doing this little thing; it might inspire other buyers too!

This skill has been used from ancient times -
when mail was carried by foot instead of carriages
pulled by horses, because roads were too bumpy and rutted out -
thankfully — that is not the way it is for us today!
Here’s an example you can follow:
Dear…… Thank you for purchasing my art piece
(enter the name of the piece)
I appreciate the opportunity to share my art with
people all over the world. It means a lot that you took the
time out of your day to support me and my work and
I wanted to take this moment to thank you.
If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know.
I hope that this handwritten letter has made it clear how much
I appreciate your support and would love if you could
stay in touch with me on social media or through email.
I’m always looking for new ways to connect
with fans like yourself!
Stay in touch by signing up for my newsletter!

Another idea would be to write them notes on
postcards with pictures of your latest work or
even send small gifts, as tokens of appreciation.
They might fall in love with the
image and call you up to buy the original.

You wouldn’t be a thriving artist without their support,
so go the extra mile and show your customers how
much they mean to you. Whether it’s a quick note thanking them
for purchasing your latest piece or checking in on
your closest contacts, recipients will enjoy your thoughtfulness.
2... Send Exclusive Show Invites
Another fresh way to stay in touch with your
customers, closest friends and family is to invite them
to a special pre-opening preview, of your latest art show
before you open the doors
to the general public.
Your collectors, friends and family will be flattered
by being given this opportunity
so they’ll come early, check out everything in person
and see what new techniques or materials have
been used, while you get to reap the benefits of having an
interested audience looking at your work up close.
This is also beneficial for opening night
because these anxious art lovers will be eagerly waiting
inside when doors open!
Follow the path of a handwritten note by creating
invitations or include the invitation in your newsletter.

3... Surprise Clients With Special Offers
Ever since the dawn of commerce, marketing has
been all about creating a sense of urgency.
And while social media and email have helped to
create an environment where people are constantly
on-edge for what’s coming up next, nothing quite says
“chase this down before it’s gone!” like offering
something free through limited time promotion.

It doesn’t even need to be anything over the top;
complimentary shipping or framing can work wonders too -
just make sure you position these offers as special events
so that your customers know they’re in for their own
piece of unexpected luxury.

Another idea could be including a 10% off
card in a few of your thank you notes.
It will be a welcome and unexpected surprise,
and could lead to another sale.
Take Action:

How could you use any of these three marketing
tips right now in your art business?

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