The Monday Art Note - Nothing to lose, Everything to gain:


The Monday Art Note # 2

All Artists Are Welcome...

Nothing to lose, Everything to gain:

I was chatting with a marketing friend the other day and he told me how good I am at explaining things in a simple way. I've always felt uncomfortable beating my own drum, but he reminded me that if I don't tell you all, how will you know what I can help you with!
So here goes...
If you're stuck with taking your art practice and turning it into your art business, I have this ninja knack for getting to the root of the problem - when it comes to the practicalities of running a business and being self employed!

  • There are artists who are now ready to take action,
  • they say are sick of poking a stick at trying to get traction on the internet.
  • they say they get frustrated by their lack of inconsistency, and
  • they say they just need a little help in getting out of the starting gates.

They know it takes time and the support of someone who's been there to get lasting results and know that using the simple steps we outline in our series of 'How to Programmes' here at ANA

Habits are important to form and maintain when you are running your art business.
They say it takes 21 days to form a new one. The most important habit; if you want to have better results on social media has got to be consistency!
It's something I like to show in our personal DMO. (Daily Method of Operation)

Do you do have a daily plan or a step by step path to accomplishing your goals?

And more importantly, what are your goals and ambitions?

That is very important to us here at ANA (ArterNet Art) as an artist:

  • What drives your art practice?
  • What is creating a stumbling block for you?

Let's see if we can't get you up and running in the right direction!


And Lastly: 

According to positive psychology, did you know that showing gratitude actually makes you a happier person?
You know, growing up, we (our family) weren't much into being grateful and for the better part of my life, I thought it was all a load of twaddle. 

But, when things took a turn for the worse, awhile back now, it made me look at things differently!
I became aware of the thousands of people who would absolutely love to have the life I have right now! A warm house and food on the table every day.
In the past few years, I've become a more contented person. A lot of that has come from getting back to reading books in personal development. A habit I'd stopped doing for a long time.
Two things they always emphasise is being grateful and living in the present moment - which can be difficult for someone like me who used to constantly worry about things or dwell on the past!
So here are two things I'm grateful for right now:

  • The sheer nerve it took for me to start this business
  • and the backing and support of my family and friends in this venture.



And I did ask my husband what was his favourite day of the week was and why!
This was his answer:
"I love Fridays. Because I can look back on the week and I feel great that I've done a pretty good job and can now relax and not be so hard on myself over the weekend. And have a well deserved beer too!"

Always learning. What have you learnt about yourself or a loved one lately?

I learnt: the best thing you can do is stop reacting -
and instead, focus on what YOU want to happen.


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