The Monday Art Note #1- Now the doors around the world have opened...

Now the doors around the world have opened - 
so to the opportunities to sell your art. 
People have become more buoyant and free, which relates to buying stuff that makes them happy and that, my dear artist friend, is the business you're in! You sell happiness! Can you name one person who wasn't happy after buying a piece of art?

Let's Imagine the Buyer for a Minute: 

  • after carefully unwrapping the treasured piece, 
  • they'll place it in a prominent part of the house, 
  • they'll linger as they view it, 
  • they proudly show it to their friends & family
  •  and if you have a fabulous story that goes with it, 
  • they'll even relay that too.

So, as you go about making your art, always visualise the person who will buy it, how it will make them feel, how proud they will be to show it off to their friends and most importantly, how happy it makes them, every time they pass it by during the day.


We invite you to open your minds to the tremendous possibilities 

the Internet offers the artist of  today. 

Think how Vincent Van Gogh or Monet or any of the great artists, what would they make of the technology of today? I'd like to think they'd be in awe! To be able to reach and to connect with buyers, collectors and fellow artists from around the globe is something to be valued.

I discovered so many artists who think people don't buy art online.

A quick Google search will render you speechless!

"According to reliable sources, global online art sales amounted to approximately 4.82 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, up by four percent over the previous year. Online art sales are forecast to increase to a total of 9.32 billion U.S. dollars by 2024."

Yes, you can be part of this trend! And No, it wont happen overnight, but I've found the one thing you do need to do to be successful on the internet - and that is to be consistent!

To be consistent is KEY! Just do a little bit each day.

Start by conquering some of your fears by creating Instagram and Facebook posts, say two or three times a week, then every day. Tell people, yes, they really do want to know,

  •          What is the essence of your art
  •         Why do you think it's sensational
  •          Be the creative person you are and let it shine through your post!
  •          What is your story
  •          Why are you on this art journey - what drives you

Don't wait a minute longer - do it today - then tomorrow - then the next day. Soon it will become part of your day. 

Just a little each day - that's the secret!


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