ArterNet Art - Monday Art Note #5

 ArterNet Art - Online Art Gallery. 28th June 2021

Here is Your Monday Art Note # 5

'Gerald's Tree' Georgia O'Keeffe.

This must have been so uncomfortable!

According to Carolyn Kastner, curator at the Georgia O’Keeffe
Museum in Santa Fe, the abstract painter
preferred working inside her Model A Ford.
She even called it her "favourite studio."
The car-studio served a purpose, even though
it sound pretty unusual: It did allow Georgia to
escape the summer sun of Ghost Ranch, New Mexico,
where she stayed through the summer and into
the fall in order to capture the rich hues of the
surrounding landscape.
The four-wheel studio also helped protect her from bees.
Indeed, desert bees would swarm the artist and
sometimes force her to roll up her car windows while painting.
Sitting in a tin box with zero ventilation in
100-degree heat actually yielded some
artistic successes. Georgia apparently
completed her 1936 painting Gerald’s Tree,
one of her most acclaimed pieces of art,
from the backseat of her Ford.
O’Keeffe embodied a power of character that resonates today!
She was tough!

Words that CAN
The answers contain the letters CAN.
1. Empty, having no furniture or inhabitants. ____________
2. An action or event regarded as morally
or legally wrong and causing general public outrage. ______________
3. A narrow boat with pointed ends,
propelled by paddles. _____________
4. Truthful; straightforward: frank. __________
5. A brown nut with an edible kernel. ________
6. A cylinder block of wax with a wick. __________
7. To decide or announce that an
event will not take place. _____________
8. A strong course cloth used for sails, tents,
or paintings. ________________
Answers at the bottom.

And lastly...
today we have the pleasure of introducing New Zealand artist and FAM 'Founding
ArterNet Art Member' RAMARI TAUROA-TIBBLE, as our featured artist.

We feel we have a real emerging artist here.
A common route for a lot of artists, to a life of art, has been through a family member.
Ramari shares how it was due to her father that she has chosen this path:
'My Father being Maori influenced my earlier works,
as I used the koru design for the basis of my Maori designed paintings'
You can read the full article on our blog.
Did you get a chance to check out ArterNet Art interviews
with a talented 'FAM' artists, Ruth Welch and Maria - Belen Smith.
You can view all articles on our blog
Averil Noeline Stuart
Founder and Creative Art Director
ArterNet Art
A Branch of Global Online Art Ltd

Find out how to claim your FAM Badge Here:

'Gerald's Tree' 1936

"Whether you succeed or not

is irrelevant—there's no such

thing. Making your unknown

known, is the important thing

—and keeping the unknown

always beyond you…"

Georgia O'Keeffe

Answers :
1. Vacant
2. Scandal
3. Canoe
4. Candid
5. Pecan
6. Candle
7. Cancel
8. Canvas


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